When you first install AVALabel you are limited to 9 labels each time you load the extension into your ArcView project.

Purchase AVALabel and receive a license that will permanently unlock this extension.

Downloading AVALabel 2.x™

    Currently: Version 2.3 Updated 12/13/1999

    IMPORTANT: Please note that AVALabel 2.x requires Arcview GIS 3.1 and will not work on older versions of Arcview.

    In order to download AVALabel you must:

      1. Select the platform you want AVALabel for.
      2. Agree to the License Agreement/Download the file
      3. Follow the installation instructions in README.TXT

    Please select from the following download options:

    Windows 95/98/NT

    Windows 95/98/NT users can download AVALabel in a compressed zip file or a self-extracting file by selecting one of the two following options:


    UNIX users can download an extension-only version of AVAlabel without the Windows help files.

    • AVALabel2.avx (621K)- Extension only with no help files (Uncompressed)

    Remember to review the README.TXT file for installation instructions.


    The AVALabel User's Manual is available for download in Microsoft Word97 format. This can be particularly useful to UNIX users who don't have access to AVALabel's online help.

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