MapLogic Layout Manager 2.x Serial Number Request Form

    In order to receive a MapLogic Layout Manager 2.x serial number you must be a registered user of version 1.x and your maintenance must be current.

    Please complete the following information (* required information):

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    Please help us improve MapLogic Layout Manager by completing this brief optional survey:

    Which version of ArcGIS are you using with MapLogic Layout Manager? This question will help us determine if we need to maintain ArcGIS 8.x compatibility in future releases.
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    How would you rate your satisfaction with MapLogic Layout Manager?

    How would you rate your satisfaction with the technical support you have received?

    Your suggestions and comments are always welcome:

    How do you like our MapLogic Layout Manager? Do you have good things to say about the product?
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    Do you have a sample map book that you would like to share with us? We use these samples in exhibit booths and marketing documents. We will contact you on how we might get a copy.
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